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The Best Number of Pillows for a Good Night’s Sleep

best number of pillows to sleep with

What is the best number of pillows to sleep with? In most cases, just one!

Maybe you are someone who likes a plush mountain of pillows in the bed with you, but your sleep hasn’t been entirely satisfactory lately. That may be because, although pillows are soft and comforting to the touch, they may not be contributing to healthy sleep. Adding more pillows isn’t necessarily a key to satisfying sleep. So, what is the best number of pillows you should use for a good night’s sleep? Read on to find out what may work for you. 

Less is More for Spine Alignment 

The ultimate goal for the use of a pillow is to align the bones of the neck and the spine as you sleep. Because of this, it makes sense that less is more when it comes to elevating your neck and that the best number of pillows is just one. However, if you always feel the need to add a second pillow under your head, it is possible that your pillow is not the best choice for your body type. 

If you experience neck or back pain, you may be sleeping every night in an awkward and uncomfortable position. If this is the case, you will have to find a pillow that is the perfect height for your unique neck and spine. There are several neck support pillows on the market from which you can choose.

Side Sleepers Are An Exception

While one pillow is usually the recommendation, the best number of pillows for side sleepers is two. However, one pillow will go underneath your head while another will go between your knees. Placing a cushion between your knees at night can help to prevent the leg on top from pulling your spine out of alignment. This ultimately helps to relieve any stress on your lower back and hips. 

One Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach is not a generally recommended sleeping position, but if you do sleep this way, sleeping on a thin pillow is best unless it feels better to go without a pillow altogether. Your sleep health will improve as your neck and back become less angled.  

An Argument for No Pillows 

While pillows are often seen as a natural component of a bed, people are beginning to see the benefits of sleeping without one. Laying your body flat while sleeping, and with no pillow, will naturally give your body the most natural alignment while sleeping. Additionally, you may see a reduction in acne by avoiding the pillow, which can harbor dust and other impurities. Not using a pillow may also prevent wrinkles, which are often accelerated by putting pressure on your face every night. 

In general, remember that the best number of pillows to use while sleeping is one for both comfort and body health. However, if you are comfortable sleeping without a pillow, you can experiment with the effectiveness of pillow-free sleeping. 

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