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Comparing Full-Size and Queen-Size Mattresses

benefits of full-size and queen-size mattresses

Compare the benefits of full-size and queen-size mattresses.

Full-sized beds are bigger than a twin bed but often tinier than a queen mattress. However, these two mattresses are comparable in size and comfort and can often be equally good choices for someone looking to move up from a twin bed without jumping right to a large king-size mattress. If you are seeking a good, medium-sized mattress but don’t know enough about full and queen mattresses to make your decision, read on for the essential information you need to choose between these two popular mattress sizes. 

The Dimensions

Typically, full-size mattresses will measure about 54 x 75 inches while queen-size mattresses measure 60 x 80 inches. A queen-size mattress won’t be large enough to fit all couples comfortably, but if you are primarily sleeping alone, a full or queen-size mattress will be able to accommodate you well. 

The Price

Regardless of the brand or style, a full-size mattress will be the cheaper option. This is naturally due to the beds being smaller. However, this lower price also extends to accessories and sheeting. If you are considering a queen-size mattress, consider that the accessories you must buy will be priced higher. 

The Comfort

If you are a single sleeper, a queen-size mattress may be a little too big. However, if you have the room and can afford the higher costs, there’s no reason you shouldn’t spring for a little extra space. If you are a couple shopping for a mattress, a queen will be more comfortable

The Accessories

It is very easy to find accessories to full-size mattresses, and you can find several different sets at various prices. You also have room for more pillows if you are someone who enjoys multiple pillows for comfort. 

Queen-size mattresses are also one of the most common mattresses, so their accessories are easy to find as well. However, the sheets will be a bit more expensive than those for full-size mattresses, because they are slightly larger. 

Recommended Room Sizes

If you are trying to place a full-size mattress in your bedroom, you should at least have a 10 x 12-foot room. If your room isn’t that large, you should consider going down to a twin mattress to allow yourself appropriate breathing room around the bed. 

Queen-size mattresses fit best in rooms with at least 12 x12 feet, so you can guarantee that you have enough room for movement or other furniture around your bed. 

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