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How to Pick the Right Mattress Size for Your Child

mattress sizes for children

Learn which mattress size might be best for your child.

Mattresses come in a variety of widths and lengths that can make for either excellent or less than excellent sleeping patterns. Picking the right mattress size for yourself can be difficult, but when trying to select the right mattress size for a growing child, the process can become tricky. If you familiarize yourself with the different mattress sizes available before you begin your shopping, you can save time and frustration later. Below we explain the significant pros and cons of various mattress sizes for your child. 

Twin Mattress

Twin mattresses are the most common mattress size purchased for children, and usually the most economical. These mattresses are 39 x 75 inches, narrow but full length, and best suited for smaller kids, lighter kids, and kids who live in tighter spaces. When you need to use space wisely, a twin will be the best option. 


  • Economical
  • Fit into tight spaces


  • Little room to grow
  • Shorter usable lifespan for many children

Twin XL

A twin XL, or extra-long, is less common but still a viable mattress size for your children at 39 x 80 inches. The difference between a twin and a twin XL is the length. A twin XL is longer, so it may accommodate a growing child for more years and be a better investment. However, you will need to buy new twin XL sheets for this mattress. 


  • Economical and space-saving
  • Allows for room to grow


  • Can be less comfortable for older kids, with less room to move
  • Shorter usable lifespan than a full mattress


A full mattress size is 54 x 75 inches. If you have space, this can be an ideal mattress size for children. The full mattress is the same length as a twin but much wider. This mattress size is the best for maximum longevity and usability, as well as a comfort, as your child grows older. However, if your child is or is likely to become quite tall, a twin XL may still be the better choice. 


  • Best long-term value
  • Allows room to grow


  • Not ideal for small rooms
  • More expensive than a twin mattress

Taking these factors into consideration will allow you to shop for your child’s mattress with definite ideas for what your child needs for their sleep comfort. 

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