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Why a Queen-Sized Bed May Be Best for Your Child

queen-sized mattress for your kid

Learn how your child can benefit from a queen-sized mattress.

As infants move from cribs to toddler beds, toddlers will also require a mattress change once they grow some more. You may consider the next step to be purchasing them a twin bed because it is the perfect size for school-aged children. That may be true, but kids grow quite fast, and buying your child a queen-sized bed may actually be a more logical and financially-sound decision. Read on to learn more about the benefits of a queen-sized bed for your growing child. 

Bigger Beds Mean More Snuggle Room

Young kids may still find that they need some help from their parents to fall asleep. With a queen-sized bed, Mom or Dad can comfortably read a bedtime story to their kid or keep them company after a nightmare without falling off the bed themselves. Additionally, if you are worried about your child tossing and turning themselves off of a twin bed at night, giving them a queen-sized bed gives them more space to toss and turn without approaching the edge of the bed. 

Unlimited Bedding Options

While slightly smaller beds like a twin-sized or full-sized mattress do have sheets and accessories that are on the market, you don’t find much variety. Queen-sized beds, on the other hand, are often a standard size that nearly any bed sheet design comes in. This means that as your child grows and their room or interests change, you can find a variety of sheets for them to enjoy. 

Your Child Has Room to Grow in a Queen-Sized Bed

A twin-sized mattress may fit your child perfectly now, but mattresses are supposed to last at least seven to nine years. Nine years after your child moves into their twin-bed, it is likely they will have outgrown it. By purchasing a queen-sized bed, to begin with, you save yourself the trouble of buying a brand new bed frame and mattress a few years down the line. 

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