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What to Look For in Your Child’s Mattress

features to look for in child's mattress

Look for these features when shopping for your child’s mattress.

In some ways, shopping for a child’s mattress is just the same as shopping for an adult’s mattress. However, there are a few important features that require specific attention. If you can find these features for your child, you can ensure that their mattress will give them a good night’s sleep and get them started on a lifetime of healthy sleep habits. The following features are the essential things to look for when shopping for your child’s mattress. 

Comfort and Support

Children, just like adults, need proper support and spinal alignment from their mattress. A mattress with sags or body impressions will not evenly support your child’s growing body. Search for firmness when choosing your child’s mattress, and use trial periods to see which firmness level is right for your child’s personal preference. 

Room to Grow

It may be tempting to save money by selecting a small mattress for your small child, but it is wise to consider the long-term. Children grow quickly, and the best mattress will be one that can adjust to the child’s needs as they grow. To avoid buying a new mattress in a couple of years, select a child’s mattress that will fit your growing child. 


Kids are hard on their belongings, and mattresses are no different. The highest-quality mattress you can afford is often the best way to go to ensure durability. Factors that will influence your child’s mattress durability include the type and gauge of innerspring coils, the thickness and density of memory foam, and the materials used in mattress covers and toppers. 

Quality of Materials

A mattress is the sum of its parts. At each layer, the quality of the individual products adds to the overall mattress quality. For an innerspring mattress, this means looking at the quality of coils used rather than the coil count. For instance, pocketed coils allow more airflow than simpler coils do. When considering foam and latex mattresses, the manufacturing process is essential to consider as well as the density and origin of the foam material used

Safety Standards Met

The best child’s mattress is the one that meets all safety guidelines and goes above and beyond to provide eco-friendly and all-natural materials. Considering how much time your child will spend near this mattress, you must make sure the materials are safe. Look for CertiPUR-US certified foam and all-natural wool as a natural fire-retardant. In general, you should understand the materials used in your child’s mattress before making your purchase.

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