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3 Reasons Why You Are Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night

Check out three reasons why you may be waking up in the middle of the night.

Check out three reasons why you may be waking up in the middle of the night.

Do you have trouble sleeping through the night? Disruptions in the middle of the night can be a pain, and once you wake up, you may find it extremely difficult to get back to sleep. Continue reading to learn about a few reasons why you may be waking up during the night, and how you can go back to nights of uninterrupted sleep!

Bad Sleep Environment

Your sleep environment plays a significant role in your quality of sleep. While your environment should help you fall asleep quickly, it’s just as crucial that it enables you to stay asleep through the night. If you find yourself waking up because of noise, invest in a white noise machine to block out all other disruptions going on outside. People with noisy neighbors or who live in busy cities know that outside noises can make the difference between a restful night and a night full of tossing and turning.


Some people feel as though they can sleep with the shades open, but if you don’t want to wake up at sunrise, it’s best to get simple blackout shades to keep your bedroom dark. Our bodies will want to wake up with the sun or when our eyes detect light, but if the sun rises before you’ve gotten your eight hours, shades will help you get enough rest to have a productive day. Sleep masks are also great for light sleepers who need complete darkness to stay asleep.

REM Offset Arousal

It is natural to wake up a few times a night at the end of a REM cycle, and it isn’t a problem if you can go right back to sleep. However, it can be an issue if you find yourself having trouble falling asleep, and may even lead to a chronic problem called sleep maintenance insomnia. If this happens to you, try distracting your mind before attempting to fall back asleep. Our mind will automatically think of things that may cause stress, such as everything you need to complete the next day. Once you start thinking about your to-do list, it can be difficult to shut your mind off. Instead of laying there, read a book or listen to a podcast or soft music to distract your mind, and hopefully allow you to drift to sleep quickly.

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