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How Your Dog or Cat Is Affecting Your Sleep Quality

Learn how your dog or cat is affecting your sleep quality.

Learn how your dog or cat is affecting your sleep quality.

Did you know that your pet may be affecting your sleep quality? A new study surveyed over 900 U.S. adult women to investigate the distinct impacts of dogs versus cats on human sleep. Continue reading to learn more about how your pet is affecting your sleep, and which animal has more impact on human sleep.

Dog Owners

About 37% percent of all U.S. households have a dog, and many people don’t mind if their dog shares the bed with them. Previous research has found that sharing a bed with a pet can be very disruptive to human sleep, as the animals tend to move around throughout the night. However, new research has found that dog owners are actually more likely to sleep soundly with their pets compared to cat owners.

Cat Owners

About 30% of all U.S. households have a cat, and many cat owners believed that their pets are just as disruptive to their sleep than human partners when they share a bed. This makes sense, as cats tend to be more active during periods of the night or early morning compared to dogs. Cat owners also stated that sharing their bed with a cat was associated with weaker feelings of comfort and security compared to sharing their bed with a human or dog. However, they did say that having a cat in bed was more comforting than not having any partner at all.

The Results

According to the results, dog ownership may be better for human sleep than cat ownership. Dog owners reported high feelings of comfort and security when sharing their bed with their furry friend, and the majority believed that their dogs were less likely to disturb their sleep than human partners. In general, dog owners are more likely to sleep soundly with their pets compared to cat owners, but it does vary on the person. For instance, dog owners reported earlier bedtimes and wake times, as owning a dog requires letting them outside to use the bathroom or taking early morning walks.

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