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The Science Behind Beauty Sleep

Tips for sleeping better

Learn about the science behind beauty sleep.

While the idea of beauty sleep may seem old fashioned, there is real science behind this common phrase! After all, sleep is crucial to many aspects of our lives, including productivity, health, and overall wellbeing- it makes sense that it also affects our appearance! Continue reading to learn more about the science behind beauty sleep.


Beauty sleep mainly has to do with the hormones that the brain releases and suppresses during sleep. The stages of deep non-REM sleep are when the human growth hormone is produced- which is an essential agent for keeping skin healthy. Many people pay to have the growth hormone injected into their skin to repair and restore older skin, but you can get it free by getting eight hours of beauty rest every night!

Effects Of Too Little Sleep

While getting plenty of sleep has great benefits for your appearance, the flipside is that getting too little sleep can have very negative results. When you are in a deep sleep and your brain is pumping our growth hormone, it is also suppressing a stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is important for a few functions, but too much of it wreaks havoc on the skin. Too much cortisol may result in weight gain, acne, or even hair loss. By getting an average of four short hours of sleep at night, your cortisol production will increase by 37%, resulting in adverse effects on your appearance, as well as stress and a lack of focus.

Tips For Beauty Sleep

To make the most of your beauty sleep, there are a few things to do before, during, and after sleep to help your appearance as much as possible. First, you should always wash your face and moisturize before going to bed. Some people have an intense skincare routine, but for those just starting out, a simple lotion or facial cream is all it takes to help your face retain moisture and look fresh and clean each morning. Next, try sleeping on your back instead of your side or stomach to keep your skin breathing and smooth. Lastly, remember to hydrate each morning to get your blood flowing and to help your skin glow!

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