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The Connection Between Exercise and Sleep

Learn about the connection between exercise and sleep.

Learn about the connection between exercise and sleep.

Restful sleep every night is essential to overall wellness and health. When you don’t sleep enough, or don’t rest well when you do sleep, your body doesn’t have time to process the events of the previous day or heal and recuperate. While there are ways to make your sleep environment more conducive to good sleep, there are also things you can do during the day to improve the way you’re sleeping at night, assuming you’re not suffering from a different sleep disorder. One of the biggest of these is exercise, which has no negative side effects, but you have to fit it into your day carefully for it to help, rather than disrupt, your sleep.

How Sleep And Exercise Are Related

A study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine showed a connection between regular exercise and improvements in people struggling with insomnia. This may be contributed to many of the benefits of regular exercise. First, regular exercise can help ease anxiety, and anxiety is often a contributing factor to insomnia. Additionally, exercise may help the body release tension and decrease the overall temperature, both of which can help you fall asleep faster. Overall, the study found that people who performed moderate exercise were able to fall asleep and stay asleep longer.

How To Improve Sleep With Exercise

In order to improve sleep with additional exercise, you should add light to moderate cardiovascular activity of at least 20-30 minutes six days a week. This doesn’t have to be a solid block of time either – you could accomplish it in a few 10-minute blocks, if that is what you can fit in – but you do have to commit to it and make it a priority. Jumping rope, walking, riding a bike, and jogging are all examples of the types of activities you could add daily to improve your sleep each night. Another possibility is yoga, which on its own, is very relaxing and a good way to relieve tension. Finally, don’t exercise right before you try to go to bed, since physical activity tends to make people more awake and aware right after they do it. Aim for the block of time three to six hours before you go to bed, for best results. 

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