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Why Your New Mattress Can Use a Box Spring

box spring mattress accessory

A box spring under your mattress provides you with support and mattress protection.

A box spring is a support for your mattress that is typically constructed from a wooden frame, covered in cloth, and sometimes with springs in the middle. You will usually buy the box spring with your mattress, often as a set, as the two go hand-in-hand. A box spring does three critical things: it raises the mattress higher off of the ground, absorbs impact and reduces mattress wear, and gives the mattress a sturdy, flat surface on which to sit. But are these mattress accessories really necessary for your bed? There are many alternatives to box springs that have gained traction in recent years, so if a box spring doesn’t feel right for you, perhaps an alternative will. Read on to learn what your foundation options are, as well as what a box spring can specifically do for your mattress. 

Box Spring Alternatives 

If you don’t have or want a box spring, there are a few other options for what you can place your mattress on. You can: 

  • Place your mattress on the floor. This gives decent support, but it has less visual appeal, ease of access, and is less sanitary. 
  • Use a platform bed. These are more popular in Europe and consist of a platform surface, solid or with slats. The mattress goes on the bed with no box spring. 
  • Use an adjustable power base for your mattress. This is a base with a motor in it that can raise the head, raise the legs, or massage the sleeper. 

Box Springs Can Keep Your Mattress Warranty Intact

Many newly designed mattresses, especially of the memory foam and latex designs, require you to use something beneath your mattress. They may even list the types of bases and frames that comply with your mattress warranty. They do this because if your mattress base does not support the mattress, the mattress will deteriorate prematurely. This would be the fault of the mattress owner, which voids the warranty. 

Should You Use a Box Spring? 

If you are used to a box spring and that feeling of support underneath your mattress, changing your foundation may cause your sleep quality to suffer. If you are sleeping on an innerspring mattress, this will be your best choice. However, box springs are bulky and heavy, and wooden ones break down slowly, which compromises its ability to support a mattress. 

Sleeping on a foundation is similar to sleeping on a platform bed. It will support your mattress and absorb movement and help to distribute weight along the length of the mattress. Foundations can support any mattress, but you do sacrifice some comfort with a foundation because a foundation will lack some of the contouring abilities a box spring has, which may not be the best for every sleeper. 

Consider what you want out of your sleep, and then do your research for the best mattress as well as the best box spring or foundation that will let you achieve your ideal sleep. 

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