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Get to Know the Essential Six Layers of a Bed

the six layers of a bed

The six layers of a bed can include the bed skirt, top sheet, blanket, and pillows.

Your bed is not just a place you sleep at night; it’s a place you recharge and get ready for every day. If you aren’t taking an interest in selecting the perfect mattress or selecting the best items for each layer of the bed, you might be missing out on some beneficial comfort. The layers of the bed refer to those sections which can help turn a mattress into a bed that you’re eager to rest in each night. But what are each of these layers? Discover the six essential layers of a bed below and how you can be styling each layer for your maximum comfort. 

Optional Base Layers of a Bed

Dust Ruffle

If you have a box spring mattress, a dust ruffle is an appealing way to hide the area under the bed from showing. This is also called a “bed skirt” and comes in a variety of styles. This mini-layer supplies style and lets the bed fit in seamlessly with your bedroom design. 

Mattress Pad

You can buy mattress pads for comfort, but the primary reason to use one is to protect your mattress from stains and increase its longevity. 

The Bottom Sheet

The bottom sheet, also known as the fitted sheet, is fitted to the mattress with its elastic corners. Fitted sheets are the most difficult to fold, but they are important for giving you a clean and comfortable sleeping surface that is separate from the mattress or mattress pad. 

The Top Sheet

The next layer is the top sheet, which is a thin sheet that often matches the fitted sheet and the pillowcases. This sheet is tucked into the mattress and sits underneath the more substantial comforter. This sheet is optional, and may not be great for those who sleep hot, but it can provide extra warmth and comfort in cold temperatures. 

The Comforter

At the top of the essential layers of a bed is the top layer consisting of a comforter, duvet, or quilt. This blanket is the heaviest layer, but they are the most difficult to clean. Duvets are becoming popular because they are easier to take care of by removing the cover and washing it separately.

A Blanket

Adding extra blankets to your bed is optional, depending on the season and your preferences. A common style choice is to fold a blanket and place it at the foot of your bed so you can reach for it when you need it. 


One of the most enjoyable layers of a bed is the pillows! Pillows can be the key to a good night’s sleep, so finding your preference is key. Interior designers suggest following the “rule of odd numbers” for styling your bed pillows. This means placing three, or five, or seven pillows on the bed. When you aren’t using your pillows, put them in a basket or a trunk, so they aren’t sitting on the floor. 

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