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4 Healthy Bed Habits that Encourage Restful Sleeping

4 healthy bed habits to encourage restful sleeping

Washing your sheets every one to two weeks is one of four healthy bed habits that promote restful sleeping and general peace of mind.

Getting a good night’s sleep is not only important for making sure you are well-rested every day, but also for maintaining a good mood and state of mind. Being well-rested is not solely reliant on having a good mattress. Additionally, you have to practice healthy bed habits related to washing your sheets, making your bed, and protecting your mattress. If you work to maintain these habits, you will not only have a good night’s sleep regularly, but you will achieve peace of mind that carries you through your daily routine. 

Make Your Bed Every Morning

It may seem simple, but making your bed every morning can have real effects on your mood and can help you start your day on the right foot. Studies have been published which indicate that making your bed boosts your happiness levels and gives you a feeling of accomplishment. By accomplishing this one task at the start of your day, you begin your day with a sense of momentum that can help you carry out your daily to-do lists. 

Wash Your Sheets Every One to Two Weeks

A healthy bed habit to practice is washing your sheets regularly. It doesn’t have to be daily, or even weekly if the sheets aren’t smelly or stained. In general, though, you should not wait any longer than two weeks to rewash your sheets. 

Use a Duvet Cover

Using a cover for your large duvet sheet can help save you washing headaches. Instead of having to wash the duvet, you can simply remove the duvet cover and place that in the washing machine with your other sheets every one to two weeks. Placing your duvet cover on the sheet can be tricky, but there are lots of guides out there to help you through the process.

Use a Mattress Pad

This healthy bed habit is often thought of as only necessary for children. On the contrary, placing a mattress pad over your mattress can help make an old mattress more comfortable, and can protect your valued mattress from a variety of stains

The mattress pad is placed directly over the mattress and underneath the fitted sheet. If you are looking for a pad that will help you sleep less hot, or increase your comfort level, look for a cover with cooling or support properties. Otherwise, a basic cotton pad can help shield your mattress from sweat stains, bodily fluids, and spilled food or drinks. 

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