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Learn How to Fold Your Fitted Sheets

how to fold fitted sheets

Learn how to fold your fitted sheets, instead of just gathering them into a pile!

Clean and well-cared for sheets are the key to a comfortable bed and satisfying nights of sleep. Regularly flipping your mattress and cleaning your sheets are essential components of maintaining a comfortable and cared-for bed. If you cycle through various bed sheets, depending on the seasons, or your personal style, you will have to find a place to store the sheets you aren’t using. You shouldn’t store them carelessly in a pile in your closet but should fold them carefully to help retain their freshness and comfort. But when it comes to folding sheets, fitted sheets always give us the most trouble. The elastic corners make it difficult to manage as you do the other sheets, but the trick is in knowing how to manage those corners. If you are like most people and you just don’t know how to handle those fitted sheets, read the steps below to learn how to become a pro at folding this essential bed sheet. 

Before You Fold

You don’t need any special materials to fold fitted sheets, only the sheet at hand and a flat surface large enough for the sheet. 

Step One: Drape the Sheet Over Your Hands

With the top two corners inside out, with the elastic edge facing you, hold the fitted sheet with one hand in each of the corners. 

Step Two: Fold the Sheet in Half and Tuck the Corners

Fold the sheet in half vertically, flipping the right corner over the left and creating a pocket. Turn the fitted sheet 180 degrees and create another pocket up top. If your folded sheet has gathered sides, tuck the sides into each other. 

Step Three: Fold the Sheet in Half Again

Readjust your hold on the fitted sheet so there are two corners over your left hand and two corners over your right, with the folded seam at the bottom and the tucked and gathered edge facing you. Fold the sheet in half again so that all four fitted corners meet. Then, flip the right set of corners over the left set. 

Step Four: Lay the Folded Sheet on a Flat Surface

With the gathered edges of the fitted sheet facing up, fold the longer part of the curved edge in towards the center just a few inches to create a straight edge. The sheet should now look like a rectangle. Fold it in half lengthwise, and then fold it into thirds. 

To prevent wrinkles, fold your fitted sheets as soon as you can after removing them from the dryer. 

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