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5 Ways to Sleep Better with Back Pain

sleep better with back pain all american mattress

Learn how you can sleep better with back pain.

If you regularly spend a lot of your days sitting at a desk, you may suffer from lower back pain. This pain could be a mild, occasional ache or a nagging irritation. Back pain is especially frustrating when it prevents you from getting enough restful sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep, and on a comfortable mattress, is essential for helping you avoid health problems and fatigue. But how can you get that quality sleep with back pain? The following five tips will help you guarantee that your backaches will not disrupt your much-needed sleep. 

Use a Firm Mattress

First, if your mattress is ten years old or more, you should replace it. For those who want to sleep better with back pain, a firm mattress or mattress topper is ideal for pain relief. Select your mattress carefully because the wrong choice can worsen your condition. 

Spend Less Time in Bed

Even if you feel severe pain and want to lie down, lying down in bed too much when you are not sleeping can make your pain worse. More pressure will be on your lower back in this position, so it is best not to exceed the recommended amount of eight hours of sleep per night. 

Fall Asleep to Relaxing Music

Giving your mind something else to pay attention to while you fall asleep can help distract you from any back pain. Choose relaxing, slow music, so your energy stays low and restful, but select something that you enjoy. Alternatively, you could try one of many popular apps for guided meditation to move your focus away from the pain. 

Consider Sleeping Aids

There are several sleeping aids available that can help you sleep better with back pain. For instance, a support wedge can help alleviate pain while you sleep. You can also change your sleeping position for ideal support. 

Use Your Pillows

You can use your handy household pillows to help you sleep better with back pain. You can place a pillow on your knees and another under your head and neck as you sleep. However, make sure the pillows you select are not pillows that are prone to increasing discomfort. 

Sleep Well With A Mattress From All American Mattress

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